About Lee Snyder

Perspective, inspiration and innovation

I’ve known Lee since we walked to grade school together, and he’s always been out in front. Looking ahead, thinking ahead, full of energy.

Early on I was captivated by the quality of his photography and how he would present it. Whether shooting America’s backcountry and backyards from a freight train he’d hopped or making a client’s product come alive with his camera, his eye always aimed at the essence of an experience. Then – he was the first I know to adapt a computer to synchronize fifteen slide projectors to make hundreds of still photos dance and flow, shrink and grow across a screen with more energy and impact than any motion picture. In the decades since, he’s continued to make computer screens portals for the imagination.

That would be enough talent for one person. But Lee has more. He sees more possibilities than most people. He sees more ways forward. He sees around curves. Half a dozen new ideas will bubble up in him every day. Two will be crazy, three will be excellent and doable, and one will take your breath away. Help third-world subsistence farmers increase their productivity? Sure, with his own hands and his own church group. But his ideas galloped along farther … what if we involved a U.S. agricultural college? Learn and teach small-scale sustainable farming. And … what if we had two ag schools compete to see who can provide the most useful help? Wait … what if we make it a reality-tv show that boosts the reputations of the schools and raises resources for the farmers? (Ideas still looking for a home.) And … on it goes.

Perspective, inspiration and innovation that are increasingly rare in today’s imitative communication realm. That’s Lee – talent, ideas, energy, heart.

Bruce Benidt, writer, teacher, communications coach

Even More About Lee Snyder

Lee Snyder has produced hundreds of videos, sales meetings, computer games, multi-media extravaganzas, and websites. In the process I’ve learned how to identify and think like target customers, develop strategic marketing plans, and produce creative, successful campaigns.

Over the years Lee’s done business with these great companies: 3M, Target, Best Buy, ADC, ControlData, Honeywell, Adobe, Porsche, Larson, Wellcraft, Alumacraft, USBank, Wells Fargo, American Express, St. Paul Companies, Ecolab, Deli Express, International Multifoods, General Mills, Pillsbury, Cargill, ConAgra Foods, Healthy Choice, Pioneer Hi-Bred, Northrup King, Monsanto, Hormel, Ralston-Purina, Mayo Clinic, Health Partners, Searle, Pfizer, WeberShandwick, MartinWilliams, Carmichael Lynch, Fallon Worldwide, Colle&McVoy, Padilla, Spear, Beardsley, University of Minnesota, University of St. Thomas, Macalaster College, and dozens of corporations, agencies, and many non-profits.

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